Rock Band Wii Drums?


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Dec 30, 2007
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i recently had to return my ghwt band kit due to a mechanical failure, and i was reimbursed $200. i would go out and buy another ghwt kit, but i've decided that since i'd only use the peripherals for rock band 2 anyway, i may as well just pick up a rock band 1 band kit for about $70 less (plus, the peripherals don't need wiimotes).

just wanted to ask if anyone had any complaints i should take note of concerning rock band 1 peripherals, specifically the drums? i don't mind using the older set, as long as they are reliable.
If they gave you $200 cash why not just get the GHWT kit from Redoctane direct for $139 and put the $60 bucks in your pocket?

If you are only going to play RB and never want to use your drums on any GHWT games then do it.

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the thing is, i was reimbursed with a gift card to toys r us. i'm definitely leaning toward buying the original rock band kit, but i just wanted to hear some opinions on the peripherals from anyone who already owns it.
unfortunately i havent had the money to buy ghwt, but i do own the rock band 1 drum set. i have taken care of it and it has worked out really well for me. i know that my brother has gone through a few rb1 drumsets though. he's had the bass pedal break on him twice. i dont play nearly has hard as him and have had my set since june and it still works great. he finally got a rb2 set, and i have to say, it is definitely much nicer. if you can buy rb2 drums i'd so go with that. they are much quieter, and the bass pedal is reinforced. also, you have the ability to add the cymbals expansion to the set (i never used them though since it doesnt give you specific notes to the cymbals. you just choose what color you want the cymbal hit to represent). also, it just feels more comfortable to play on since the pads absorb the shock better. hope this answered your question.