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May 30, 2006
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With the controler as the sword yes please
ill be Himura Ken-shin

but my prob will be with the actual blocking maybe a kind of sword handle addon (kitannas are to handed weaponds) and a sheath (needed for some moves)
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Naruto games (if its popular)
Tenchu wont work well with the controller
Recusant said:
Naruto is not a Ninja... Naruto is a disgrace to the name Ninja...
What do you mean?

Also, in my opinion, Tenchu was horrible...but a game like Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden would be fun on the Wii.
It'll probably happen sooner or later- it's only a small jump from Red Steel to a samurai game.

And I quite liked Tenchu myself. I'd be interested to see how a stealth game would work on the Wii.
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not very well
and naruto is a ninja in a village/world full of them
No, THIS is a Ninja:

THIS is NOT a Ninja:

See the difference?
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its a sim prob with samurais we prefer not to use our swords the best battle is one not thorgt
(BTW kenshins an assassin)
Oh the endless possibility's it hurts my head, when i first saw a demo of red steel i thought my dreams were answered, any kind of samurai game would work with the controller. Including Ninja games with a fps engine. i' drooling as i study Iaido.

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the poss abilatys make my brain hurt
Naruto is a ninja game, and i agree, they should make a Naruto game where you get like some wii remote gloves, and then when u wanna make a jutsu u must make the signs on the screen in some time to make a jutsu or for example for a Rasengan to scratch air on your left or right hand to make a chakra sphere. And of course a move activated by wii remote moving when you have a wii remote similar to Red Steel, like if you have kunai's in your hand ingame, u should like swing your wii remote like youre throwing it. They would make tons of money with it cuz if you wanna play it you must buy the original game to get the gloves and they can make also like a wii upgrade for hand signs that detects 'em.

BTW my first post ^^