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A li'l bit different
May 17, 2006
Cornwall, UK
Wii Online Code
I just wanted to say that the forums have a really good search bar (up the top in the blue bar), that can not only search terms from thread titles, but also inside threads (from which you can go edit>find, or ctrl+f).

Chances are, if you have a query about something, it's already been asking and explained before. So you can just use the search to find out most of the information you want. So as the esure advert goes: "go on, give us a click".

Not trying to step on anyone's toes or anything, nor am I trying to have a go at anyone, but trying to help everyone use these forums as best as possible. :)
Agree with MetroidZ, but anyway, I think I like what u said (I think the thread needs to be on the Site Feedback place)

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