Sensor Bar and Distance Question


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Dec 29, 2009
Hi Folks. I received a Wii for Christmas and have been having a lot of fun with it. Currently, I have it hooked up to an older 36" Tube TV. I want to hook it up to my Plasma downstairs, but my surround receiver, etc. is located in an open Cabinet about 12' from the TV, to the side.

I understand the Sensor Bar does not communicate with the Wii console, but receives it's power through the wire. I would like to purchase a Wireless Sensor Bar, but most have a distance limitation of 8 to 10' or so.

Is that distance limitation from the Sensor Bar to the Remote, since the Remote is picking up the light and sending the coordinates and calculations to the Wii Console? I will be about 5' from the Plasma TV when playing, but my Wii Console will be about 12 to 14' away from the TV and Sensor Bar. Will the Wii Remote communicate with the Wii Console if you are 12-14' away, and it's off to the side?

I want to hook the Component Cables to my surround Sound receiver, and component out of the receiver to the TV for the video, and will use the audio to the receiver as well.

Thanks for the help
As far as I can tell the sensor bar just puts out a signal. The "wireless" bars are simply self powered and do not need the connection to the wii. I bet you could just "cut off" the end of a plain old sensor bar and attach it to (4) AA batteries.
The Wii Remotes use bluetooth to communicate with the console. Bluetooth is considered reliable up to 30'.