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Dec 5, 2006
Calgary, AB
If you have Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, you must know that your Wiimote must be within about 6 feet range from the sensor bar. Once you go farther, then the game will pop the "Please position yourself closer to your TV" message. This is so annoying because I cannot play the game while sitting on the couch as my couch is just a couple feet out of range.

However, the pointer works perfectly in Wii menu even I am 10 feet away from the sensor bar. As in sensitivity setting, it shows you how the Wiimote sees the sensor bar. The closer you move Wiimote to the sensor bar, the farther the two dots move apart, or vice versa. I think this is how the game decide the distance between the Wiimote and sensor bar.

So it is easy, if I have a longer sensor bar, then the Wiimote may think I am closer to the sensor bar provided the actual distance is the same.

First I tried the candle method by setting 2 candles about 1 foot apart on top of my TV (be careful). Sweet, I could play the game while sitting on my couch. Then I actually cut the sensor bar into 2 halves, and rewired the connection between the 2 ends. The split sensor bar was sticked back on top of the TV and everything seems to work the exact same as before. I am so happy I don't have to stand anymore while playing DBZBT2.

I don't have other games so I don't know if there is any adverse effect on games that require to use the sensor bar.


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Wow that's very interesting, i didn't know about that 6 feet thing. I just ordered the game so I didn't know it does this. I hope I don't have the same problem.

Oh and props to you for splitting the bar and rewiring it.
Care to post a howto on that? I don't know that I'd actually do it, but I'm interested in the process.


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