Sensor bar height question


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Nov 21, 2006
Hey all,

I was wandering if anyone with a Wii could help me out.
Basically my LCD TV is mounted on the wall and is quite high, bottom is about
level with my eyes. Will this be a problem when using the wii?

Where should i put the sensor bar or doesn't it matter?

Im from the UK so i can't test till the 8th! (can't wait!)


My LCD monitor is quite high on a shelf. I placed the sensor bar on top of the monitor, with the front of the sensor bar flush with the front of the monitor. So far I have had no problems using the controller much lower than the sensor bar. So long as I am at least 3 feet away and remember to point up towards the monitor, I can use the remote with ease.
My plasma is mounted over a fire place on the mantle so its pretty high up as well. My sensor bar is on the mantle right below the tv and i have no issues. The sensor is extremly strong, I can go down my hall way and still throw pitch in wii sports through walls in my house almost 25 feet away.
you loose the pointer and response time if you go through walls :p

I know this is off topic but I like that I can turn the system on while I'm walking down the stairs to start playing lol.

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