Short Wii Supplies?


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Aug 20, 2006
Do you think that, like when the 360 was released, the Wii will have short supplies too? My dad is going to preorder 1 from every different shop he can, and if there is a shortage buy them all and sell them on Ebay for a profit. Are you thinking about doing this too and do you think there will be shortages?
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Raw materials are limited though, they can't afford to just make millions all in one go.
Yeah... Nintendo Isn't Cheap Enough To Do That. (not thet theyre cheap at all)
There's always greater demand than supply on and around console launch dates, i cant see Nintendo being any different really.

You'll just have to hope you get lucky with the pre-orders :)
There won't be ant shortages for Wii cuz Nintndo started production late July while 360 waited something like 69 days to start production. I think the PS3 hasn't even begun production yet.
I don't think so, they are not using the expensive stuff that PS3 and 360 is using.
There will most likely be a shortage, but not preorder shortage, there will be a shortage in units not pre-ordered because when everyone hears about this awesome system they are going to want it and being that it appeals to non-gamers also we really need more units than a normal release because the market will be expanding, in other words if you want one by christmas and don't want to be on the news waiting outside walmart with your tent because they are getting a shipment in, PRE-ORDER, this happens every year with everything around christmas.
wait till after the convention, that is when nintendo is supposed to annouce all the info, then hopefully stores will get thier numbers shortly and start pre-orders, they don't want another 360 mess so the good stores are waiting till they have real numbers of how many units to make sure they can fill all the pre-orders, I think they should do a pre-order list and if who-ever signs up first gets first pre-order and so on, then when #'s come in they can tell you if you made the cut, kinda like the olympics but no skill involved.