Should i buy?


Jul 25, 2006
i dont have much money. so im gonna ask you guys. is the ds lite worth buying instead of the nintendo Wii? or should i buy the wii instead?
Dumb qusetion
you cant compare a hand held to a full console
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im saying should i buy the ds first and wait for more money to come my way or just go straight for the nintendo wii
I'm in the same dillemer but I decided on the wii a couple weeks ago
Im asking the same question!!!!!! Ive got $260 that I can spenjt on a DS Lite or $450 Dollars in a wii with a lot of games. Anyway im getting the DS Lite, then Ill get all the other money
buy the ds it will be in stock .... chances are if you dont get a pre order of the wii you wont get it on launch so go for the ds for now then you can play it when you go on trips or if you wake up super early on christmas hoping for a wii lol...
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ya your right. i should get the DS first. thanks and since im asian then i can save up money on my birth daya and chinese new years for the wii!
It depends. The DS is an amazing handheld console, and definitely worth a buy. But if you are right on the edge budget-wise for buying the Wii, I would definitely wait for the Wii first. But for me, it don't matter for two reasons: 1, i already have DS. 2, the whole Wii thing is covered by my parents for my December birthday, so I have nothing to worry about.:)