sig requests....


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Jun 28, 2009
well im gonna be back checking more often so if u need a sig i welcomeu to request ill make it please provide a link and some detail if its a anime character i dont know much about anime and i want the best sig for u if it is anime






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bump and update i havent reall ybeen on here in a while so im gonna b back so if u need some sigs request them here
Max from (Bakuten Shoot / Beyblade) with my name of course

Size: 389x128
Background Colors: Green ( with yellow stars )
Text Color: White (Or the most noticeable color)
Secondary Text: Defense is the best offense
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im sorry i cant find a good picture ive looked all over i cant seem to kind a good one can u provide me with a link to a picture u want of him
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who do u think u r u make ur own thread u dont try and post advertising for ur animated sigs which by the way i can make animated sigs to on here
Can you make a siggy for me?
I want it to be of my fave video game character Debonair of The Wind, from Ogre Battle 64.

Can you make a silverish, white, angelic theme. with feathers(not gay though). With My name, for the size, the same as the ones in your 1st post. I'lll go look for a picture of him.
Name: RmZ|BlazZze
Prestige Logo: 3rd, with the green diamond thing.
Gun: M40A3 with Red Tiger
Friend Code: In signature.

Sorry to be a bit nit picky but can you please try and make this?