Single player?


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Aug 5, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
I know this will be great on mulyiplayer, but i tend to play single player more than multi and i was wondering what everyone thinks about single player on the wii.
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Yeah i suppose so, im goin to wait until its out so i can see how good it is. (also coz ive got no money)
I think multiplayer and single player are really good complemented in the wii
there are a lot of great single-player games that are going to be coming out on the Wii. it just depends on what you like. FPS-metroid prime 3, red steel; Adventure-Super mario galaxy, Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess; Fighting-super smash bros brawl (i dont know what the adventure mode is going to be like though). personally, im going to get all those games:D
... well MMCD you dont need a big tv... iit depends if u like smasll sqquaress or not