2 player rogue troopers?


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May 18, 2009
So i'm getting rogue troopers on wii and i wanted to know if
the game is 2 player (multi player) because i have people come
over a lot.
Special Features

* Intense third-person action on the future war battlefields of Nu Earth
* Carries the digitised personalities of three fellow G.I.'s preserved on Bio-Chips in his helmet (Helm), gun (Gunnar), and backpack (Bagman)
* Use the environment to your advantage - conform to terrain, use it as cover
* Sophisticated enemy AI will learn your tactics and team up to take you down
* Surprise your enemy with stealth and dramatic kill moves at close range
* Experience exhilarating combat journeys on Nu Earth military vehicles
* From story-driven Campaign Mode to intense Split-Screen action

Says split screen action so sounds promising :)

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