So confused.....


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Jul 10, 2007
Hi everyone,

I'm kinda new to this and I have to admit for somebody who doesn't know a lot about computers this kinda stuff sure does do your head in.

Well, what i really wanted to do (aside from introduce myself to everyone) was to ask a question. Last week I bought a nintendo wi-fi usb connector, and as far as setting it up on my pc goes, that went well, its setting it up on the nintendo wii that is driving me insane. It is recognizing that there is an access point there, but everytime i try and go beyond that point it is giving me error numbers, e.g. #512040 or #532040 i think they were the two that i keep getting at this point (don't quote me on that though). So I contact the Wii technical support line and surprise surprise, she couldn't help me. I then decided to look on the nintendo wii website, and it gave me the option to enter the error code i was being given, but both error codes I got do not exist apparently.

Can somebody PLEASE help me?????

would be greatly appreciated.


Feb 19, 2007
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Since nobody could help and the error codes would not register, try getting a new router that may work better with the Wii so error codes don't come up. If that doesn't work, post back and I'll try again. :)


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May 29, 2007
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i had the same problem, :wtf: and it has to do with the firewall settings on you computer. After searching the nintendo website, I found that I had to add a couple of IP addresses to my trusted ip list (I have McAfee). Also try disabeling your firewall and reload the program. Remember not to plug in your usb wi-fi connector until the program tells you too. :yesnod:

I had to add the following id addresses to the trusted list
(I don't remember if any of these were already there, but here's what I have) to to to to to & to