So theres a brothers in arms game coming out for the DS....


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Sep 19, 2006
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"The latest Nintendo Power included a look at the Brothers in Arms DS title, which was rumored to be in development by Ubisoft last year and substantiated by an ESRB listing (as Brothers in Arms: War Stories) a month ago. Buttonbasher tells us that the game will include 16 missions spanning three campaigns. The action will start in North America and spread out through Normandy.

The DS's top screen will show a 3D view of the battlefield which, according to the Nintendo Power preview, "pushes the boundaries of graphic quality on the DS." The touch screen is used for real-time weapon changing or touch-controlled aiming. Grenades are thrown by drawing up with the stylus, and weapons include bazookas and sniper rifles. There are also a bunch of operable vehicles in the game including a jeep and a Sherman tank."

Heres the link with some scans:

The graphics on this game look awesome. Lets just see if its playable on the DS..
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Hey, that's pretty interesting. Metroid Prime Hunters proved that FPSs can work on the DS. Let's see how this plays out! :cornut:
metroid prime gives me cramp in my left hand lol. Anyways, i've always wanted to play a brothers in arms games but im not really into computer games so this looks really good.