So, who was unfortunate enough to have a pre-order with Lik-Sang?

Boycott sony i say!!!! I didn’t pre order with these guys, as I didn’t think they could pull it off, but I did get some awesome game controller adapters for the gamecube, playstation, and xbox, so I could use these on the computer, as most computer made controllers suck, while console controllers are always well made, and easy get anyplace.

**** YOU SONY, you bloody mother ****in suns of cest pool capitalist pigs. Die a slow painfull death as your blue ray fails and the backs of the gamers that buy the ps3 break.
I actually preordered my PS3 from my local Ebgames :D Probably not going to use it though, more interested in the Wii. I'll be giving it to my friend for 700 who unfortunately didn't know about the pre-order date. I haven't preordered my Wii and plan on camping out at either Target, Best Buy, CompUSA, Walmart, or some other store.