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Oct 23, 2006
Parker CO
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I need some advice....
I am going to buy a wii at walmart and well I'm leaving at 3:00am on the 18th of November. I am going to wait until 12:00am on the 19th and I really hope to get a Wii! So would you say this would be early enough to get a Wii???

P.S If anyone has camped out of walmart or inside for a game system (or really anyone who knows) they have lines or do they just make you wait with a bunch of people???
I dont get this wiiating for hours to get a console
It seems so nerdy
Try it from where im from (Manchester UK) to get into fights with drunks
Preorder ftw
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...I do what I must no matter how nerdy it is to get a Wii!
Where else will I preorder besides the internet, yeah I could preorder from there and get it around Christmas while all the other Nintendo fans are playing Zelda and Red Steel and drinking hot coca on a calm snowy night WHILE IM LEFT WITH NOTHING BUT A PS2 AND A GAMECUBE WITHOUT ANY GAMES IN A COLD EMPTY BASEMENT!!!!!
If its cold buy a heater

A cushion
How long are you gona be waiting
It sounds likea whole day take a book and some food/drink
Or pay someone to stand in your place

Edit : A rat trap for rat burgers
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That sounds real silly, when you can just preorder it like DP said, and if you are gonna wait in line, don't wait A WHOLE DAY, I doubt there's gonna be other people waiting even HALF a day.. if there are then I stand corrected
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I don't want preorder because I might not get it the first day.
Can you preorder a wii at walmart......I doubt it.
So i understand you wanting it on its realease day
But preorder online even if you get it one day ather its out
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safer??? I'm not worried about my saftey.....guys I really really want a Nintendo Wii!!!! I would almost do anything for one lol
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Give Me Your Soul And I'll Give You One...

I'm Serious...


I'm Serious too...

Anyway, I dont see the point in that because at least here there should be enough to get on launch day just walking into a store
I can get a few
souls of siners do
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I just can't take that motto is expect the Unexpected I need to be prepared for the worst! And what do I do if I do just walk into the store and all of the wiis are gone.....
Um , preorder like everybody else said , why would you want to waste like 24 hours of your life ?