Son put 2 discs in the drive, now my discs won't read!


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Feb 24, 2012
Hey folks.

Go easy on me here, I'm new - I had a quick scan through the forums to see if I could find something similar, but nothing came up, so here goes....

My little 2-year-old son decided today that he would put another disc into the Wii when there was already one in there. Both discs came out fine, but now, no matter what disc I put in, the Wii makes some clunking noises, then goes to a black screen and tells me:

An error has occurred. Press
the Eject Button and remove
the disc, then turn the Wii
console off and refer to the
Wii Operations Manual for
help troubleshooting.​

Given old consoles I used to have, and similar issues with PC drives in the past, I have a horrible feeling that the two discs being pushed in may have mis-aligned the laser inside, but if anyone else has any helpful suggestions, that would be awesome. My daughter is totally gutted that it's not working so soon after she got some new games....

Thanks very much! :papermario:
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Jan 25, 2009
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You're probably spot on in thinking that the disc drive's laser has been misaligned. Try unplugging everything and laying the Wii horizontally for a day. If it hasn't been misaligned terribly bad, this might reset it to it's usual position. Only a few people have had success with this method, though... Can't say it's reliable.

It sounds like the Wii was recently purchased, so unless you have reliable experience in fixing those past laser problems you mentioned, I'd highly recommend ya send it to Nintendo for a free repair if the laser won't reset itself. A week or two of waiting and a renewed warranty is better than risking said warranty and ending up with an unfixed Wii, I'd say. You can look into getting a repair set up here.