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Nov 22, 2006
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I didn't see this posted on any sticky or sorts so here it is:

Set your Wii with a static IP address:
Do not use Proxy server:
Make sure to enter DNS address:

This will boost your wii connection greatly. Using the Nintendo Channel and Nintendo Shop will download much quicker.
Explain to us exactly how using OpenDNS's DNS servers will speed up your internet connection. Why not use say Microsofts DNS servers or better yet your ISP's DNS servers?
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Not perfectly sure why openDNS is faster, but I've tried a couple and openDNS gives the best performance. By default if your IP is on auto then your DNS is set as your router. From there the router's DNS is set as your ISP.

Most peoples default IP address on the Wii is:

IP: 192.168.X.X dependent on DHCP/Wireless Router
Gateway: 192.168.X.X router IP address
DNS: 192.168.X.X router IP
MTU by default I believe is set to Auto as it doesn't show you this portion nor do most system.

I've set mine as the following. Again this is with a D-Link and DHCP setup.

IP: (I like to manage my network and set all video game systems within the 0.90 subnet)
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
MTU: 1500 (Manual setup allows you to set this but doesn't give the option of auto) update I have now set it "0" which for auto. Dumb ass Nintendo for making the auto '0'.

Other ways to make your games less laggy is to find the ports the games uses and forward then within the router, or set the Wii on the DMZ for faster connection and less laggy games.

Test for wii users:
Test your internet connection by going to the Nintendo Channel and setup the video files to the new higer quailty version. If your router and wii is set correct or auto config correctly by the defualt settings then video playback should be smooth with no lag. Even running a basic DSL connection of 1.5MB downstream and 768K upstream should provide a smooth video playback with no lag.
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Using DHCP should not cause lag of more than a couple of milliseconds and you will not be able to notice the difference.

Now if we are talking DSL setups then the most important thing is making sure your MTUs are set correctly, that will make anoticable difference.

My ISP's DNS servers are fast and i do not have issues with lag. Trace routing to the OPEN DNS's are slower than my ISPs. Also if youhave more hops to the OpenDns servers than you are just spinning your wheels.
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Of course if you trace route to your ISP DNS it's going to show less hop as its from the same provider. It's just not how many hops it takes but how fast the DNS server can resolve address. Here's a link to test the DNS server of both openDNS and your local ISP.


Note on the Wii Browser going to speedtest.net my results are:
Downstream: 5-6 MB downstream
Upstream: .9 upstream

My current Internet Speed from the provider are:
Downstream: 12-14 MB
Upstream: .9 upstream

Can't seem to get the wii downstream faster then listed above. Could be a fault of the Wii internal WiFi.
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It's working to where I can watch high quality vids on Nintendo Channel...but haven't seen a difference with internet yet...now for some reason the chat box on the WG clansite isn't working...
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Great, if anyone is having issues please post. Just trying to get my fellow wii owners a better connection on the Wii.

The WG website?
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My internet surfing is working correctly. I'm not sure if this has anthing to do with the speed of the internet or the Wii browser but I do notice that it first turn on, it takes a bit to open the first webpage. Afterwards everything seems to be fine.
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I think it has to do with the Wii browser. I notice that it started slow but once it got in youtube everything else was OK. Have you tried putting it back to the Default DHCP and see it got any faster? As of right now I'm testing all this using the Wii broswer. In other words I'm entering this in using the Wii Browser. Oh the Wii browser got updated like a few weeks ago I believe.

Update: I figure it out. The wii has issues when the MTU size is set to a certain size. This is understandable as the perfer way is always auto. When the browser first is launch it has hard time extablishing a internet connection due the MTU. The same goes with the Nintendo Channel when it is trying to update. After a few more tests I figure out that the auto setting Nintendo has is listed as number "0." With it set as the MTU it fixes eveything. It makes since as a MTU size can never be zero. If it is then no data would be able to sent out meaning no internet connection. So in other words issue fix with Wii browser having a slow startup with first webpage. Also it improves Nintendo Channel updating when first launch. Try it and let me know. Again I'm using the wii browser which is working a lot better since the last update. We I do know is that Wii processor and the Browser is not writen where they work in perfrectly which is why the browser is a little slow. Thats something we can't fix. I say it's not written/program is because I know the wii can do a lot better then this. Just look at the IPhone or Blackberry.
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