Sporadic WIIMote Pointing Behavior


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Mar 28, 2009
Recently I started notice when trying to use the WIImote to point to an option it moves sporadically across the screen. I try to point to a character and the curser jumps to another part of the screen....I tried a few different games and it happens on all of them.

Outside of the game, at the WII menu, I do not have this issue. I've replaced the batteries and made sure the rechargeable were charged. I've resynch'd the remotes and this evening I went through and re-did a sensitivity adjustment.

Any ideas what would cause this behavior? It's really quite annoying.
try setting the sensitivity to the lowest or if the game features a calibation option try that
perhaps you are closer to the tv when you're using the wii menu.
ideally you want to set the sensitivity to medium and raise the sensitivity if you set 10' or further away.

i bet there are other lights/candles within a few feet of the TV and the remote accepts that as one of the IR points. there even could be reflective material (chrome on the TV) that would reflect potential light.

best bet: when you adjust the sesitivity of the IR sensor, sit at the location when you play games and adjust the IR sensor... you sould only see two points of light.

then you can determine what needs to be moved or turned off (near the TV) to reduce to points of light...

make sense?

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