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Jul 7, 2006
I have a friend who bought a Game Cube and played it every day. Over time he bought a boatload of games, and became a huge nintendo fan. He defended nintendo any chance he got, but recently when ask the question "Which next-gen connsole do you like the most?" he would say "The ps3 i guess". I then procceded to engage in a long and detailed conversation about the wii and all the controlers, games, and features it had. I changed his opinion completely that day and my friend is now back to being obsessed with nintendo.
Now i belive that if people would just learn more about the wii, they would learn to love it. So spread the word to open ears!:)
Have done
made a few people go
No point yet
there wiill be round the luanch
tried to convince my friends failed miserably
Get them to play it when it comes out
then say "I told you so"
my friends are stubborn thoguh they probbably won't admit it but when I next pay them a visit they'll probabbly have a wii
I've gotten all my friends excited, I don't know anyone who intends to have a next gen console that will not have a Wii. Everyone is Wii, then a few guys I know will be getting the PS3 when it comes out too.

I think when people learn more about it, the Retro games, the Wii controller, Twighlight Princess, Smash, Mario Galaxy, then its not hard to get excited for this baybe.
I have convinced 3 people who might get it, 1 of them has a less chance of getting it, but the other 2 want it after I told them all about it.
I've also talked about 5 or 6 people who at the mention of "Wii" went: Huh?? I feel just letting people know about the Wii is important!
Man Ive convinsed just 1 to sell is PS2 and waits for the wii... the other said he will not buy anymore consoles (I dont know why) and some others said they didnt have any money... but with one is enough

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