SSBB Theme Song

What a great piece of work. Nintendo has also been know for the catching music. Music that you just cant get out of your head while at work, good and bad alike.
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Info from official site

The main theme was created for us by none other than famed Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu!

Additionally, opera singer Ken Nishikiori has also participated in this project on vocals.

...And as a special service to readers of this site, I can say that the game's music will be performed by a full orchestra.

It will be a deluxe chorus complete with lyrics in Latin.

I thought the music sounded familiar (i almost thought at first that someone had ripped some music from ff8)...uematsu is the man.
When I first heard it, I thought it sounded similiar... can't wait to hear the game music though. =]

Uematsu is a genius.
not bad, i'm finding it a bit hard to adjust, cuz its just such a different tone and all from other super smash bros music... o_O but its still nice.
They say the whole games music will be opera. I like the sound, it's different and soothly. Totally opposite of what the game is, so it should fit perfectly!
right when the Trailer starts its pretty freaking cool. cuz im one of the few people obsessed with Star Wars episode 1, and the theme gives it that same Epic feeling. only minor set back is there is still a bit of the 'happy cuddly' sound in the back, which is characteristic of Smash Bros to begin with. I just hope they take the epic feeling to the next step and have it take control of the games overall presentation. Literally make it feel like the biggest, most amazing game ever. We pray it will be

In nintendo, we trust.