Jul 11, 2006
United States, New Jersey
idk how many of you have noticed this but in the trailer for SSBB the classic characters fighting Mario, Pikachu, Link, and Kirby were using the same moves from Super Smash Brothers Melee. This has been addressed as a problem for me because if they have the same moves as in Melee i will seriously cry:mad:

But.....there has been a positive addressed to me.....that this trailer could really only be a demo of what the game is like.....and they made those characters have the same moves just to save time. idk if this is true but i really hope so :(

someone tell me it was only because it was a demo trailer sort of thing before i scream!
Don't scream, look at SSB -> SSBM. Lots of characters had the same moves, like Mario's fireball, Kirby's inhale, Fox's laser, etc.
yea i mean you see when mario gets the super smash bros symbol in the trailer and does some crazy blast move, like when samus blasted those new characters and link kickin marios a$$. well ive heard its called brawl mode and like MetriodZ typed, and i quote, "and, it looks like each character will have a special move, pretty cool." i think thats whats gonna be very different about ssbb.
I really dont like Wario's Waft because in a game I've never seen Wario 'woft'. I just think he needs a powerful not some baby move
Who says gas is not powerful? i can knock a whole room out without lifting a bit of my body except my buttocks so that my flatulence can be absorbed by all the atoms in the air making my victims suffocate..... So never underestimate "fart"
Maybe Warios are loud but not able to suffocate? (meaning they dont stink) then he has a problem! But my point is he needs a powerful move! Like a grappling or physical move that enables him to use his strength!
Yeah, he probably will have one but no one knows wat it is ok, so calm down and in time my friend wii will see, DAM U NINTENDO AND YOUR CRUELTY FOR NOT GIVING US THE RELEASE DATE!
if i told you that wario's 'special move' was him farting when you didnt know, i bet you would have laughed and said "your joking right" its just because your a baby face towards supporting nintendo all the've got to be critical sometimes
wat the heck, ive like read heaps of your posts today and like 50% have "baby" in them, wat are u trying to pull off? and u woudnt have told me warios special move cause i was the one that told u because i always read the wii news before u everyday!!!!!
i know but IF i told you before you knew..... thats just because your a baby face towards nintendo! (now 60% of my posts have baby in them)
no, technically 58.23% and the IF would never occur cause i would prevent, wait i woudnt NEED to prevent it cause my wii knowledge is superior to yours