Stuck in Oulla Towers


WiiChat Member
Feb 28, 2009
I am very frustrated with this game. I am only 21% through but I find myself back at the towers again and again as I have found the Jungle trail but I have no pix axes, can't go through the coals because I don't have the dash and no gas mask for the other. At one point after rescuing Nicole it said to go back where I came from and I have been lost ever since. Can anyone help with finding these items? Seems like I have tried everything. Am I on the wrong path? Should I go back through the battered bridge? I also see an idol under the ground at the end of the battered bridge but can't seem to get it. Any helpful hints? Is there any way to go to a certain area, already explored without retracing your steps or do I have to go all the way back through everything to get there? I tried to use the map thinking I could choose that area and it would take me there, no luck.