Sup everyone


Pure Awsomeness
Jun 28, 2009
Michigan, USA
Wii Online Code
Sup. I use to be on WiiSpace last year but then I got bord of my Wii when I got a 360 (a shame really). However, I now play my Wii again because I realized Brawl is awsome, The Conduit is a kick-ass game, and my 360 games are boring and also got Red Ring of Death and can't get a new 360 for a while. I figured I forgot how fun the Wii really is. I see WiiChat like the "community" part of the Wi-Fi. While Wii Wi-Fi lacks any sort of community when compared to Live, thats where WiiChat comes in. I plan on meeting other people so we can exchange friend codes (horrible system) and play Brawl or Conduit online.