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Sup?! And welcome to the forums and I hope u like Naruto cuz' u'r cornered by 2 of the best ninja evvaaaa.
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Oh man I am luvin' This place!!

I usually have to put up with the Sony fanboys and the people who think anything that's not Halo is crap. It's fun to be around Nintendo fanboys like me!

Thankyou all for my welcome and I will continue to post here at the Wii forums!
Darkprinny said:
halo is crap
Yeah... I didn't really see how many people liked halo so much. I saw nothing special about it. Sure it was fun 4 an hour or 2 but only if ur playing with ur friends. Then it just gets old.
compeated it
its just to go here do this do that without doing it the way i want

it tasks me
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