Super street fighter IV tourney


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Jan 29, 2009
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NEW RESTRICTION: 64 is the limit of competitors. After the 64th person signs up, there will be no more sign ups.

The reason for this is if 65 people are signed up, only 2 people will be playing each other the first round. In fact, 96 people signed up would leave the first round only consisting of half the people battling.

I didn't initially make this a rule because I didn't think we would get anywhere near this, as of now (more than a month and a half before the tournament) there are 44 people signed up. At this point it's pretty lengthy. In fact it will take 6 rounds to finish up this tournament. This is also partly why this is single elimination instead of double elimination (final decision).

Sorry to any inconvenience to the 65th person (if there is one).

Ok, so I wanted to make our sign ups for the first 3DS tournament (unless someone else makes one that comes out first), and I picked Street Fighter IV because it looks like a lot of people are going to be getting it.

Here is another tournament for Street Fighter that happens just days after it's release.

The date I chose because it's a few weeks after the 3DS comes out.
Obviously you guys are free to sign up and as usual I suggest your friend codes be in this thread before the tournament starts.

I have no real strict rules since this will be one of our first 3DS tournaments, just have fun!

oh and this will be a single elimination tournament. The tournament will require at least 8 players

I will assign you guys your partners in your first round and let you guys discuss when is good for you to fight. All partners are assigned using a program called tio tournament organizer

This will be a best out of 3 matches, the Championship round will be the best out of 5 matches.

NEW INFO: I won't give you any strikes since this is the first 3DS tournament. I don't want it to be too strict. I won't even give a strike for missing a fight, but you will be disqualified if you miss a fight. This is the only tournament I will make that doesn't do strikes.

MORE NEW INFO: We will talk more about time later, but if you would, put your time zone in your posts.

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