Wiichat Strikers Tournament Replacement Thread


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Dec 5, 2006
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I am asking for people who aren't in the tournament but can go online with strikers to step forward and be a replacement

Just in case some people drop out of the first round I'll need definate replacements to use. It is only for the first round but I'll need you. After the first round the tournament will run it's course [It's harsh for people to just jump to round 3 etc]

If you would like to become a replacement for the Wiichat Mario Strikers Tournament please sign your name here and I'll add you to the list on the Tournament Page


- Wii_Smurf & Lee.Jarratt
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Great, Remember. After the 1st round I won't need you again. Lol sorry to dissapoint but your only for the first round if someone drops out.
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Lol, Thats nice to know. At least this one is virtual :lol:
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Lol. This thread is for Replacements, Lets not get Off-Topic
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I don't know, Because I don't know who is dropping out. It's only for the first round but if someone drops out I'll being in a replacement from the top of the list ASAP....
First round ends in 12 days so any time up to then