north american one night only tournament

doosta said:
remember guys no wii points for this tourny, sorry. not everyone who signed up had the opportunity to participate. i'll save it for the next tournament. again sorry
:shocked: :shocked: what?? lol you said wii points earlier today.... :(

what are we playin for then??:sick: :sick:

hmm... thats the only reason im playin right now
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uhh I really wanted those wii points.

Oh geez I'm playing Tyler?
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I forget the score of the first game one goal game his win
second game was a 5 - 4 sudden death win for me ( 10 seconds to go and I tied it up)
Then a 7 - 2 win to push me into the finals

Alright Hugo its go time.
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I demand wii points if I win but if I lose lets move it to next tournament :arf:
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most intense series I've ever been in.

game 1: sudden death win me
game 2: 4 -2 win him
game 3: he gets a megastrike off and I let in one so it goes to suddendeath in witch I win the tournament 4 -3.

Very very close series. My arm was shaking when I was trying to save those megastrikes. I was so nervous.

Good game Hugo.
sorry for double post.........

congratulations cookie. i swear i going all crazy. you play really good. *(god damn you dry bones!!)* LOL

repped :)
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I don't think I'm getting anything...Hes not answering me on aim.
ilikecookies said:
I don't think I'm getting anything...Hes not answering me on aim.

you are getting something. its this bloody phone! i'll send you the wii points through pm. just sit tight you will get them. ask zelda he knows how it goes.

on september 9th, 2007 there is going to be another one night only tourny. if somebody can volunteer to purchase the wii points this time around that would be great. until then, make sure your night is free on the 9th.