North American One-Night Only Tournament

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{Axtlár} said:
or crying out loud, Ilikecookies! buy the points already.

Have you pm'd him? I've seen him on strikers and wiichat. But, damn that sucks you haven't gotten them yet. Hopefully you get them soon though. :thumbsup:
Lol, yeah I say the same thing, Zelda4life...He supposedly would have been paid this week, but this week is almost ending, so if he doesn't get them by tomorrow...I'm getting mad.
yeah ive gotten a bit better and now i dont have anything to gain so with my luck ill win the one i bought for and lose the next one i dont buy for
hahaha, well I'm getting better but I'd have to play you guys to see how I size up. Prolly not very well but I'm gettin there =P
Yeah nice match Jorge, I will be on later at night, so if you are there we'll play