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Mar 23, 2007
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ilikecookies and I are at it again, and we have another one night tournament scheduled for SEPTEMBER 9, 2007 @ 5:00PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. If you want to join, pm either ilikecookies or myself with your friend code and your gametag name. Same rules from the other tournaments I have hosted, but in case you forgot.

Tournament Begins:
8pm eastern standard time
7pm central standard time
6pm mountain standard time
5pm pacific standard time


-This is a first come first serve thing. there will be no replacements what so ever, if your opponent doesn't show, you move on. We would like a minimum of 16. A prize will be given if atleast 75% of the people who signed up show. (if 16 people sign up, 12 have to show for the winner to get a prize) A picture will be taken of the prize to show proof of purchase.

-If there is a disconnection, the player with the most points at time of disconnection gets the win. If there are numerous disconnections by the same player, we will catch on and you will be dq'd.

-You must be free sunday night at 5:00pm pacific standard time

-You have to be logged onto wiichat, with this thread open during the tournament to check for updates for who your next opponent is. (press f5 to refresh the page). You must "check in", by either pm'ing your opponent, posting something in this thread, or just by being online between 4:30-5:00pm pacific standard time

-Scores must be posted once your match is over. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of both players.

-Friend code must provided. To make it easier, add everyone in the tournament to your friend's roster before the tournament starts. Best by saturday, so you you can move on to the next round quickier. There shouldn't be any excuses that there are problems with connections, if they are already added.

-Home team wil be decided by who finishes their previous match first. For the initial matches, home team will be chosen at random.


Difficulty: 5 (for goalies)
Matches: 3 games
Time Limit: 3 minutes
Default Stadium: Decided upon players

doosta - Austin - 227740 882560
ilikecookies - [wiic]Joel - 386653 767044
ZeLdA4LiFe - Hugo - 442488 366130
Mr Towl - Mr Towl - 545568 169897
Wario2ooo - Wario2ooo - 287869-511033
{Axtlár} - {Axtlár} - 146135 767150
dumbass_Luigi - Luigi - 120368 821466
mushroomedmario - Brent -
Warwick - Warwick - 485438 015700
LilWiiWii - Zoidberg - 064532 029468
Wiitime - Yankees124 - 034466 539783
Teylewr - Tyler - 086006 054892
Kevn3000 - Kevn3000 - 429604 685935
Jorgelink - Jorge - 094595-995482



courtesy of doosta & ilikecookies​
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ZeLdA4LiFe said:
YUP im here first one to sign up :)

all info is on my sig. cant wait!!!
oh, thanks Wario! I have sent a pm to Doosta already, and I cannot wait for this...I know what he's gonna do: thumb up....I guess I'll have to add all these here fellows, huh?
Lol..yeah, you said you have everybody except for Towl..well you are in this tourney too right? I see your name in there, so do you have you too? lol, never mind if you don't get it still.