North American Strikers Tourny

LevesqueIsKing said:
^Im pretty sure you can't pm with a no posting ban either. Put a comment on his Profile.

Yeah, your right I remember now.

ZeLdA4LiFe said:
yea, i added you

oh he got banned or something like that?? DAMMIT!!! where is the leader of this tournament?? i want a new opponent.

You can still find him online on MSC...
lol, I think I cofused you with someone else who used Toad to jump over the sorry good good man...but the goals I score to myself are no accident.
SuppaRoy is never online when im playing MSC. i better not be replaced. LOL. he should be. i want either a new opponent, or a miracle should happen in which SuppaRoy magically appears outta the blue :)
RantheMan is not responding to my PM, and obviously isn't checking this forum. Could I have a new match please. Rantheman never left his FC on this forum, or on any other forum where he uses that name (I checked).