Mario strikers charged Wifi tourny!

The BCS doesn't select teams at random. Although there were some blowout games, that's something that will always happen. the BCS is based on a formula that takes into factor winning %, strength of schedule and many other things. The formula is flawed and I think the NCAA needs to move to a 4, possibly 8 team playoff, of course with the elmination of a few regular season games to keep the season managable and players healthy.
I think we should add the whole friend code right now. I will do it tonight.Hope see you around guys and play a few matches tonight
Raphael, it might that some one friend codes are wrong, either have one more digit or wron number...

by the way , i already add you guys.
The tournament will be start on Feb 8th, and ends? Raphael , do you already have the matches ?
count me in
wiiman/msc code-369488884657
ill add u guys and u add m
captain -mario
Raphael does not seem 2 be that interested in this tourney anymore, i havent seem him around in a long time.
hey guys when i try 2 login 2 msc i get this error code 61070 and 61010, and i cant login. I had the game since it came out and i always got a 4 start connection and now it doesnt work, and my internet connection on the internet channel works perfectly. Can anyone help me.(i suggest everyone 2 check msc and try 2 login it might not just be me)
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