Mario Strikers Charged Captains/Teams...Which Teams Do You Use?


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Nov 16, 2007
Hey All,

The reason I created this thread is to get an idea about how many people use certain Captains and side kicks.

If you don't mind letting people know which teams you use while playing online in Strikers Charged, post your teams on this thread!

If you have anymore comments you'd like to add about Team combinations or other related topics regaurding Captains and thier teams, feel free to voice them on this thread!:D


The Teams I Normally Use Are:

Bowser (Captain), Hammer Bro. (Right Winger), Boo (Left Winger), and Dry Bones (Defense)

Yoshi (Captain), Birdo (Left Winger), Toad (Right Winger) and Koopa (Defense)

Diddy (Captain), Monty (Left Winger), Koopa (Right Winger), and Shy Guy (Defense)

Waluigi (Captain), Monty (Right Winger), Shy Guy (Left Winger), and Koopa (Defense)

Note that I use these Captains mostly, BUT I do like to mix it up and use different Captains too, just to broaden my skills at the game to increase my chances of winning :smilewinkgrin:!

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I would also like to add, for those Striker players who aren't familiar with the types of characters in Strikers, heres a list of them:

Mario - Balanced
Luigi - Balanced
Yoshi - Balanced
Peach - Play Maker
Diddy - Play Maker
Daisy - Defensive
Waluigi - Defensive
Wario - Offensive
Bowser Jr. - Offensive
Bowser - Power
Donkey Kong - Power
Petey Piranha - Power

Balanced Characters are overall the best characeters, their stats are all equal. Their Deke involves just moving out of the way of others (sidesteping, rolling)
Power players have an excellent shot, and an extremely fast shot as well, but tend to be more slower than the other types of players. Their Deke involves striking players using ground attacks (punching, petey's head wobbling:p)
Play Makers are quick and have excellent passing abilities, but have a very weak shot on goal. Their Deke involves jumping over players/goalies (somersaults)
Offensive players are very good at keeping the other team on its toes by having good shots and decent checking power, however they are slow like Power characters. Their Deke involves aerial attacks (jumping attacks), ( Wairo's Butt Smash, bouncing off players)
Defensive players are quick like Playmakers and are capable of defending their teams zone with quick passes, and sneaky deking moves. They Deke by Disappearing/Reappearing short distances on the field, which can be kinda tricky sometimes...

Side Kicks also have the above types, but I will post them at a later time!:thumbsup:

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