MaRiO StRiKeRs ChArGeD : Whos Your Team : And Find A Match

My team:
Captain: DK
Sidekicks: Boo.

Any other suggestions for captain? I was thinking of possibly a captain who is either a bit faster or could pass faster.
DK and tres Boos isn't a team that I look forward to facing. With a good mastery of passing, chip shooting, and classic DK standing shots, this team can be pretty dangerous.
Teams that are able to contain DK with good coverage and smart fouling will be able to take his shooting advantage mostly away.
The only drawback to this team I can think of is that it's a team geared toward the slightly advanced player.
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iv not played this game in around a month, i think i got a bit bored now lol. played it to much when i first got it