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even with FC's PAL cant play NTSC

so no America V Europe
BigORhyme said:
I'd love to play you man, but I can't for two reasons: I think that since I'm in North America we might not be able to play, although maybe with the FC we can. And most importantly, for some reason I can't play Strikers online. I'm hoping the rectify the situation shortly with a lan adapter or Wi-Fi connector when I get some bonus cash.

Also I tried out that 3 Monties team and found that a persistent offense can open themselves up to a few more scoring opportunities than the Monty team can, and adding another playmaker in the defense position greatly improves the offense, while not taking too much from the defense.

that sucks that PAL cant play NTSC, oh well
he's allrite, i hope he's still gonna be in brawl...i put him as name just coz i couldnt think of ne thing else at the time..but yeh, i like him why you ask?
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My friend told me they've got blonde gay-curl haired Lucas from Mother 3 instead of beat-you-with-my-bat scrappy Ness in there.


But let's do try to keep Brawl talk in the Brawl forum.
My captain is-Luigi
top side kick-hammer bro.
defence-dry bones
bottom side kick-toad i just got into the striker cup haven't had a shot though prober ly will after lunch:lol:
Captain: Waluigi
top side: birdo
defence: hammer bro
bottom side: dry bones


Captain: Diddy
top side: Hammer bro
defence: Toad
bottom side: Hammer bro

both teams work well for me
Your Waluigi team seems pretty solid, although I don't use Hammer Bro in the defense position, he is a good passer after all. But your Diddy team feels a bit Hammer Bro intensive for me in the wings.
Captian: Luigi
Wings: Toad and Hammer Bro
Defensive: Dry Bones

I'm a first time player hows my team?
Myself, I would switch Toad and Dry Bones. Toad's speed, jukes and good passing will help you get the ball out of your half and onto the offense. He can also intercept balls coming into your half.
Dry Bones I feel is more of an offensive character, once you learn to chip and use Bones' juke offensively, you'll see why.
Welcome to the game. Add me to your Friends and we can play anytime.