Mario Strikers Charged Doubles Tournament


May 28, 2007
Wii Online Code
Okay guys, I noticed that there is already a tournament going so I decided to make a doubles tournament. You will need to post your mario strikers friend code and active mii name.

After your game you will need to PM me with the results.

- If your opponent doesn't turn up they automatically forfiet the game
- If you can't make it to your game PM me before the game and I shall reschedual it.
- If I don't recieve any results both players will automatically forfiet.

Please remember that you need someone to play with you.

To play doubles you must first choose friendly.
- Then Choose Serise with guest.
- Then just select your opponent as you usually would.

One of the doubles shall be marked with a *. They are responsible for starting the game.

Post your mario code and active wii name in a reply to this thread. + post your guest's name if you wish to

Current users in tournamentADD THESE PEOPLE.

Active Mii: Chaz
MSC Code: 30933893124
Guest: Olly
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I shall not take part in this.
Our official wiichat tournament is and always will be superior to any other.
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And I did it :lol: Lets get posting the MSC codes and active Mii names now?
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But what could you do to help out?
It won't work
When doing doubles the pairs who are playing have to be on the same Wii. So say Me and John on 1 Wii, Beth and Jill on another Wii [Names made up]

If you follow me.....
I made this diagram of how it would have to work [Did it in 1 minute so sorry for it being crap]

If you follow it,


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I know how it would work... Im going to team up with my brother.

If you want in add your MSC code and active Mii in this thread... this is the thing not the idea :lol:
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