The beep. Ever have it?


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Hey, forum! This is WiiMan96.

Every once in a while, my Wii overheats. ( Too much wii love :lovewii:)

When it does, the game will freeze and this never ending beep will come from my tv speakers.

You can't reset, or turn it off. You have to go into the back and pull the power cable.

Ever happen to you?
yeah it happens to me when i try to pplay brawl (i have a launch wii) the system willjust not handle brawl anymore =o
Yes, happened at the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on NHL 2K10 (that was in February, screen froze on the final playoff bracket) and at the end of the ending credits of a movie on Netflix (that was in August, screen froze on the closing logo). Both times it had the sound the OP mentioned. But it also froze/crashed (minus sound) during the transition from the Wii Menu to the disc channel at one time.
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Nope i haven't.>.>

Welcome to the forums, hope to see you around. Any questions, feel free to ask.
Make sure you have a good amount of space around your Wii to help with air flow to the cooling fan.