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Dec 17, 2006
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Close-Up/Blur Game #2
Sorry guys .. Seems like all my threads got deleted. -ahem- We have to start again, sadly.. Last time, I ran out of pictures.. If you guys want this game to continue, mind helping me? :p Kay.. So.. I'm sorry you all have to start again. But it'll be fun. This time I'll make a back up of everything. Sorry again. Oh wait, I got Picture 1-23 here.. We'll start off from there, If its okay with you guys! Thank god for Mii Profiles!

- Close-Up Game #1 (Old Game) -
View all here.

- Close-Up Game #2 (New Game) -
View (One - FortySeven) here.

- Picture Forty-Seven -
Who won this one - GHIIIRock
Answer - pool ball

- Picture Forty-Eight -

Who won this one -
Answer -

- Picture Forty-Nine -

Who won this one -
Answer -

- Picture Fifty -

Who won this one -
Answer -

- Picture Fifty-One -

Who won this one -
Answer -

- Picture Fifty-Two -

Who won this one -
Answer -

- Picture Fifty-Three -

Who won this one -
Answer -

- Picture Fifty-Four -

Who won this one -
Answer -

- Picture Fifty-Five -

Who won this one -
Answer -

Winners Board
View (One - Thirty-Four) Winners Board
Picture 35 - ZeLdA4LiFe || Picture 36 - GAVE UP || Picture 37 - ZeLdA4LiFe || Picture 38 - ZeLdA4LiFe

Picture 39 - wario2ooo || Picture 40 - ZeLdA4LiFe || Picture 41 - JAKE196 || Picture 42 - wario2ooo/Fire Flower

Picture 43 - bw! || Picture 44 - bw! || Picture 45 - S.S. || Picture 46 - S.S.

Picture 47 - GHIIIRock || Picture 48 - || Picture 49 - || Picture 50 -

Picture 51 - || Picture 52 - || Picture 53 - || Picture 54 -

Picture 55 - || Picture 56 - || Picture 45 - || Picture 46 -

Picture 57 - || Picture 58 - || Picture 59 - || Picture 60 -

Picture 61 - || Picture 62 - || Picture 63 - || Picture 64 -

Picture 65 - || Picture 66 - || Picture 67 - || Picture 68 -

ZeLdA4LiFe - 2 points (R/1) (1/3) (B/1) (1/4)
GHIIIRock - 1 point (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
ScottKidde - 1 point (R/x) (M/D) (B/1) (1/4)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)
- x points (R/x) (M/D) (B/x) (M/D)

(R/n) - Requested Pic.
(B/n) - Bonus +(n)

10/9 - ZeLdA4LiFe is the first person to get a point!

1. Guess the picture that I put up.
2. Do not cheat! (Using photoshop, PSP, or anything like that).
3. You can search for the picture.
4. Do not instant message me, and ask me what the picture is. (I will not tell you).
5. Do not spam on this thread, or complain on why I am not updating much. (I explained below).
6. You have a max of 3 hints. Use it wisely.
7. Ask for a hint, when there are at least 5 people guessing.
8. Don't get mad if someone wins, and you don't.
9. If you are requesting, do not tell anyone the answer. If you do, I will have disqualify you.
10. If you are requesting, please tell me who else knows the answer. xD
11. Have fun, and enjoy.

(*)If I catch you cheating, or breaking any of these rules, you will be disqualified.

-Giving a Hint; if you guys want me to give you a hint, FIVE is the magic number. You need at least five people playing, and at least fifteen posts for another hint. If you're asking for a hint, I need at least 3 people to ask me for a hint.
-Ultimate Hint; this is if you guys don't know all three hints. I can only give this hint if all three hints are given away.

Request a Picture! To request a picture PM me the picture you want me to twirl or blur up. Now, you guys can always twirl it up and give it to me. Whichever is better! :p Please, if you're going to send me a picture.. Send me an appropriate one, and a very well known (everyone knows what it is) picture, make sure you put the answer right below it as well! Thanks.
**Please, don't forget that I can -refuse- to take your pictures. If they are too easy. Sometimes, I'm not sure.. Like, they just do it because they want the points. Now, if you're going to do it, just for the points. I just mind as well, take the Requesting Points off. :)

REQUEST PIC - Open//Closed

-NEW- For people who request a picture, NOW you can get ONE EXTRA POINT for it.

Please do not put a picture up because it will mess up the scoreboard. Thank you.


Guys, please stop complaining me, and telling me to update.
Really guys, I wonder how far you could really update
this game. It's hard because you have to find a new picture,
blur it up, put it on the main page.. and then you always have
to do the whole coding again for the 'Picture #(n)...' watch
someone get the picture correct, and then.. you have to add
them to the scoreboard, and it depends if the picture is hard or
not.. so you can give them extra points if it's hard! Then.. when-
ever you already have 10 done, I have to save these pictures, and
put them on my Mii Profile.. incase if anything happened like the other
time! So.. I know, confusing, but fun! So, guys.. please, don't put
pressure on me and tell me to update this like, everyday. That's insane.
I got homework, and all the other junk! Thanks.

Copyright©2007 WiiWouldLike2Play
(give credit if you're doing something like this)
Either it is the Point System, or anything..
Appreciate it if you do.

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