The end of my ps2

HA HA. u can sell it for 25 bucks at a eb games or gamestop or gamestation w/e u call it. i took my friends broken one (he got the slim ps2) and sold it at ebgames for 25 bucks
I'm gonna sell my Xbox, worthless piece of crap, i only played it about 20 times and gave up.
unfortunaty, both my xbox and ps2 died earlier, but i sold them to improve my wii funds :)
I wonder how they broke, i bet you got pissed of at them and smack the crap out of the xbox and ps2.
yup, theyr were like time bombs. They broke immediently after my warranty and i could not get them fixed. I did beat the crap out of them, shot them actually, but i disguised the damaged and sold 'em to provide half of my wii savings which is now $300 aus!
WTF?? How did you get that much when you bet the crap out of it, must of been a damn good disguise.
oh, that included all the games i had (like over 10 per console and all of them were crap)
and i just handed the consoles with their full set in the box (controller, memory card ect..) and those people at eb's were suckers

i did not actually shoot them, but i sure beat the crap out of them when i realised their inevitable death
(inevitable death? ha)
So with your consoles, did they work at all cause if they don't the people that bought it are gonna be pissed.