The FMA Movie!


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Sep 18, 2006
yes the ultimate Anime movie since Fooly Cooly anime series, and that was only 6 Episodes :hand:

Anyways if know one knows what FMA meens, well it meens Full metal Alchemist. Yes we know about Full Metal Alchemist now don'tch yeah?

It is probably the best series and with the Release of Full Metal Alchemist The Movie Conqurer of Shambala its been the best hit ever! Wooh yeah no joke! Anyways i made this post to inform yall about it and would like to know What was your Favorite part of the movie if you saw it yet and what was your favorite Full Metal Alchemist episode!

Don't know you favorite but wanna find it?
Heres some info on how to find your fave if youd like to watch FMA and see if you like it!

Full Metal Alchemist has 51 Episodes
Each action packed and stuffed with the great Storyline!
Note: Watch the first episode before watching any others! If you watch any other episode before number 1, well you'll have no idea whats going on and will grow a grudge to it from not knowing the story like, "How the hell does Edward have metal arms and legs!!!??!?!??!?!11!?!?"
Heres a nice trick to watch Full Metal Alchemist!!!

1. Go to
2. Go to search and type this is exactly: Full Metal Alchemist Episode # English
3. Choose the part you want, normally there has to be 3 uploaded parts do to upload sizeing.
4. Enjoy the wicked FMA Series!

Also if you have no patience you can watch the Japanese version of the FMA Movie, or you maybe lucky and sombody already uploaded the english one finally!!
If you replace episode and # in the searchwith Movie, you can get the actual movie in English. :>