The Most Durable System Ever...


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Aug 8, 2006
Wii Online Code

Can You BElive This? The N64 Got BURNED:wtf: , DRAGGED:tard: , And Then Finally SLEDGEHAMMERED:sick: !!!

This Is The Most Durable System Ever!!!!:cool:
man its almost imposible to beleive!!!!!!!!!!

I love nintendo products, they never break!
I'd didn't need that video to prove the 64 was indestructable, mine has had choclate milk spilt over it, dropped while carrying from one room to the other many times and been stepped on tripped over and it still works perfectly
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o_O... Jeez... But Did You Hit It With A Sledgehammer? ;)
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HOLY CRAP!!! Sony Got Schooled X-box SUcks... GC ROCKS!!!