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Oct 24, 2007
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Now that Traveller’s Tales has been assimilated by the Warner Borgs, you can expect to see a whole range of new LEGO-themed games joining the already announced Batman, and Indiana Jones creations. But which intellectual properties should make the cut? We put our thinking hats on, ran through the brands sitting snugly beneath the Warner Bros. umbrella and identified some likely candidates.

Lego Superman
Pretty obvious really, following in the wake of LEGO Batman, and based on Warner’s biggest superhero property. Recreating the Man of Steel in plastic blocks wouldn’t be too hard and Lex Luthor would be a standard LEGO character without the shiny hair. Our key requirements for LEGO Superman would be that it starts at the beginning of the story, with Kal-El’s crash-landing in Smallville. It’d also be cool to be able to visit his Fortress of Solitude, made entirely of sparkly see-through bricks.

Lego Watchmen
With Warner holding the movie licence to the awesome Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons graphic novel, this would be a great opportunity for a multi-character superhero game. You can just picture all the little costumed adventurers lined up: Rorschach, Doctor Manhattan, Nite-Owl, The Comedian… Although, given the twisting nature of the plot and its adult themes, it’d probably have to be a prequel. And a bit rubbish.

Lego Scooby-doo
Another no-brainer, really. Warner owns Scoob and chums, and it would be the ideal puzzley platformer with ghostly goings-on. It would have to be set in a sprawling, dimly lit mansion, filled with secret passages and spooky mysteries. You’d have collectible Scooby Snacks for some reason we haven’t thought through yet - oh yeah, you're stoned - and it would end with the unmasking of a sad, balding man wearing a sheet. But no Scrappy-Doo. Hateful, franchise-destroying freak.

Lego Technics
You know, LEGO Technics is pretty cool, but also painfully expensive. How about – and it’s just an idea – we get a LEGO game that lets you actually build stuff? Our wishlist would be a mixture of LEGO Technics and Mindstorms that enabled you to create armed robots that you then battle online against other robots. You’d be limited to a set number of operations, so if you were agile, you couldn’t pack heavy weapons, for example. And think of the download opportunities: new weapons, new A.I algorithms… it’s a nerd’s wet dream. Uh, not that we’re nerds or anything.

Lego Harry Potter
Interesting, this one. Warner Brothers produces the Potter movies, although EA has the games licence. So either Warner can pull a fast one (using some contractual loophole) or they join forces to make a LEGO version. Frankly the idea of a cute LEGO Potter and pals is far more appealing than the soulless computerised versions we’ve had so far, with their motion-captured moves and dead eyes. There’s also a load of potential for creating (or destroying) things using wizardy powers, à la The Force in LEGO Star Wars.

While those above are the most likely candidates, there are others with an outside chance of success…

LEGO Looney Tunes
Another of Warner’s big licences – who wouldn’t like to see the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote and all the rest in a brick-themed adventure? There’s scope for loads of ACME product-based puzzles and traps, too.

LEGO The Matrix
Arguably (and it’s a pretty strong argument), previous Matrix games have been mainly ****. So how about reinvigorating the franchise with LEGO versions? And we’re pretty sure cardboard Keanu is free for voice ‘acting’ these days.

LEGO Ocean’s 11
Warner’s movie portfolio is extensive, but how about lots of little plastic figures running around in an attempt to pull off increasingly ingenious heists? You’d start with LEGO Brad Pitt and LEGO George Clooney, and as the game progresses you build up your gang by recruiting additional characters, each of whom brings different skills. To complete the final Las Vegas robbery, you’d need all 11 characters. Good, huh?

Now that Bungie has split from Microsoft, it could always sub-license the franchise to Warner. We’re imagining either Halo: The Platform Game set inside a Covenant spaceship – or perhaps a cross between Halo Wars and Dynasty Warriors, set in LEGOLAND. You know that big diorama in the Halo 3 TV advert? Yeah, like that.

LEGO 300
Just imagine: a miniature army of Spartan warriors, all with six-pack decals and shiny gold helmets. We’ve no idea how to make a game out of it, but of all the plastic construction brick-based homoerotic combat games, this would definitely be the best.

LEGO LEGO Bionicle
Oh. Um, maybe not…

possibilities are endless......linkage