The next wave of Wii's


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Nov 19, 2006
I was wondering if there is any information on when companies are getting more shipments of the Wii both online and in stores.

I really don't want to pay 500 on eBay. Blegh.

I heard Nintendo is sending out a lot more before Christmas.

yeah 4 million by christmas but my friend said that his wii comes in dec 8 at eb games. hope that helps.
My EB games store is getting a new shipment the day after Thanksgiving. They said they were getting 6 more (the same amount they got for launch).
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Awesome! That's really encouraging. I'm reading all of these awesome reviews and kicking myself for not preordering one.
hello my name is Anthony I live iin Winnipeg, Manitoba. i was wondering how early should i go to get my Wii at Superstore. Does anybody know exactly when the 2nd shipment of Wii's are comming in and approx. amount of wii's Futureshop and superstore are getting?

So far Superstore doesnt know exactly maybe later this week to early next week and based on their 1st launch of wiis they got in 15 units. does anybody know if there will be less or more wiis in the upcoming shipment?

Superstore usually gets roughly 1/2 of what futureshop gets
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.therev said:
futureshop for me (ontario canada) will have wiis on friday, so im going there during school to get 1 :)
:O Skipper >:D :p; Anywho my school just reinforced tthe rules so i cannot get one on friday :( Ill check saturday though :|
since it is the scond shipment will there be a lineup to get tickets to guarantee a wii OR will there be a big mad rush to get the 15 or so wii's. By the way I live in canada in a city with 700,000 population