The Wii movie streaming channels


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Feb 4, 2009
Hello, last week we see Netfix wants to offer the movie service to Wii using a install disc to make Wii compatible with the service.

I think this and other alternatives are very good, why Nintendo private us to have all the services the console counterparts have?

I think if Nintendo is open to allow this service and deliver the famous MANGA channel from Japan to other territories, of course the youtube service with an Opera browser update will be excelent!!

I completely sure these services gain enormous sucess, becose the heavy Wii user base!!
There is no specific manga channel in Japan just downloadable comics downloadable like Wiiware.

The Wii no Ma channel is launching in Japan on May 1st. That will provide a service like a TV channel with original free downloadable programming which I think is pretty cool.

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