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The_Loose_Cannon said:
and somewhere deep in my boyfriends garage, BEHOLD! in a gymbag was the original Xbox.

now normally i would of just closed the bag up and hid it again because i want to stay faithful to my nintendo roots but you know me! im a rebel and jumped for joy and now my bf has given me his old xbox w00t!

one problem though......seems to be that the component cable and the wall cable are MISSING :yikes:

wheres a good place to get cheapo cables? i tried dealextreme but they have only new 360 stuff. ebay would probably be my best bet right? also cheap games too. seems that there were no games in this bag (just the console, the TV screen to make it portable- remember those things?!?!-, 2 controllers, a memory card and misc cables that were for a playstation and a computer monitor plug lol)

i noticed gamestop had cheap used games for under 20$ but think ebay would be cheaper for some of the better titles like DDR, and guitar hero? hmmmm

thanks guys!

Umm I normally use, This Site, to buy things electronic related