Third party-games

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K thx cause i im reading evrywhere the price of thirtd party game but i dont know what it is :p:sick:
Third party games, is a creator is not the orginal creator of something. Sony made PS2, so all games made by Sony are First-Party game (Ussualy the best quality early on) and games like Grand Theft Auto are Third-Party games, it goes same for Nintendo, and anything else console-wise.

Sorry Metriodz, I had to clear it up, you didn't want him thinking like games made by Sony were third-party games.
It means not made by nintendo as they all have said, for example Goldeneye, Donkey Kong (in some part) that is from rare, rayman (ubisoft) etc
Look it up on Wikipedia.Org.

I looked up 3rd party, and it said a game that is developed by a different company. I got curious and looked up 2nd party, and it said its a different company, but it ONLY develops for a certain company[such as the makers of Mario Party(sorry I can't remember the name :(, its like "sun-something")].