third party wii motes


Jul 29, 2006
Wii Online Code
i wonder with all this motion sensing controllers with both wii and ps3 i wonder if there will be a big market for third party controllers because in this current gen all the controllers were fairly simple but with all this technollogy will be hard to replicate
PS3 i bet will get anal and let no one make third party controllers (since most of the time cheaper) so that they can rack in all the cash they can get, and it will probaly be awhile till nintendo gives out how they made it, they will probaly need a certin peice so it detects with the wii, but man, i want to see new third party wiimotes, meh excited
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yeah because with this i can see all these customisable wii motes all funky colours and random shapes
Please don't call me stupid, but what does "third party" means? I've read it so many times but I still don't quite understand what it is.