This is how to play a European console on an American television!


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Nov 8, 2009
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give everyone the ultimate guide on how to play a European console on an American television.

In Wii options, before you leave change the settings from 50hrz to 60hrz. If you don't the screen will roll and you will not be able to change it here. Once in America you will then see the screen working, but it will be in black and white so you then need to go on eBay and buy a 'PAL to NTSC AV Converter Adapter'.

You can then successfully play your European Wii on ANY American television! I have tested four televisions here, even HD.

The other way is to buy a really OLD television, like an 80's cabinet television. The Wii successfully worked on an old television set in 50hrz AND 60hrz. New televisions do not support 50hrz. When I say old, I do mean 80's and early 90's, anything past that does not work! You also need the converter to make it colour.

And lastly, don't forget to buy a plug adapter before you travel!

All the best!

Dianna N. (Dianna's ultimate guide!)