this is the backbone for the wii shooter I want to make


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Aug 22, 2009

I taught maybe a shooter would work if people just took the most intuitive elements of the best fp games

metroid prime does with moving, thats why left and right are to turn, that makes the corner buttons move and turn,
pc shooters have non-progressive aiming which is very intuitive, thats why pressing A allows wii mote to aim precisely,
console shooters have progressive aiming thats good for moving and shooting, thats what C button does,

aside from the intuitive controls
level design from GRAW's co-op is simple to create
the art work is challenging but the technicals of the graphic engine are not,
If you do make one,I hope it'll be cool and have good online,if supported.
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thats what I want
but I want to make it fun
not all obsessed with scores and stuff
Yeah,fun is the main priority,I was just saying that it would be cool to have online capability to play with friends.
Im not "dissin" your game or idea but do we really need another FPS?

How about trying a different game style?