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Jul 7, 2009
Just got a Wii, purchased TW 10. What a disappointment. Maybe I just don't know how to get around the game, but compared to other games (ie Links), this game does not stand up. You cannot go BACK (have to reset), the distances you get with the clubs drops off severely in a game as opposed to in the TUNE CLUBS section, the instructions are sparse and do not answer most questions about the control of the game.

Is there a site specifically for this game ?


Cannot go BACK? What do you mean exactly? I'm pretty sure if you hit the B button you can go back or if you hit the plus button the menu will come up allowing you to go back. There shouldn't be any need to reset.

When you're actually playing wind and weather and such has an effect which it doesn't in the tune clubs part.

There is an in game tutorial which it sounds like you should do.

Did you get the Motion+ bundle? Because without M+ there's nothing special about it I'd agree.
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Thanks for the reply, I will check out the tutorial. But, still not sure why clubs go no where near as far as they should
IE, 3 W will only go about 170 yards in the game and a 5I only about 130, seems strange.
When you hit the ball it shows how hard you hit it on the side as a percentage. When you're hitting a 3W 170 yards does it say 100%? I know if you're not hitting off the fairway they don't go nearly as far.
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I understand if you are in the rough the ball will not go as far, but are all players limited on the amount of distance the ball goes? If this is so, no one could reach some of the long par 4's on some of the courses. How does one increase the distance on shots, or can you ?

Guess there is more to this game than I presently know.....probably take me some time.
Depends on what character you're playing, if you do free play or play online and play with Tiger you can drive 300+ yards pretty easy. When you play the career mode your character starts out hitting like 250 max. The more you play the more stat points you get and you can increase attributes like power, spin, putting etc. As you increase the power attribute you'll be able to hit farther. The leveling system in the career mode is really well done IMO.
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Is it just me of is this game always really dark, most of the time I have diffuculty seeing the hole on the green. It is like playing night golf, is the sun shining anywhere in this game ?

Noticed that a lot of the Wii games are dark, the graphics may be good, but if you cannot see them what good are they.
Maybe you should consider turning up the brightness/contrast on your tv? Yes it is just you.
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Brightness control is just fine with everything else, why would it require changing for Wii ?
I dunno, but if its common with all your games then it must be an issue with your television I'd guess.

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