Tower of Shadow (Wii)


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Oct 21, 2007
Tower of Shadow (Wii)

info & images stolen from GAF

- pseudo-platformer
- reminiscent of Ico
- a giant tower sits in an abandoned land
- control the shadow of a boy as he tries to climb the tower
- walk on the shadows that platforms cast, and avoid the shadows of traps
- interact with shadows to move things in the real world (pull the shadow of a lever to move the real lever)
- boy has a black butterfly that aids him on his quest
- butterfly can move the light source to make jumps/puzzles easier for the boy
- no release date





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Well its different.(got my interest)
It might turn out to be a good game

Whats with the timer?
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Yea, I am real excited about this one!
I wont say I'm excited about it (its rare for games to excite me anymore) but I do like games that at least try to be diffrent
It got my attention! The graphics and gameplay look very different and interesting
Yes I can. I see that you play as a shadow in the game.
What your thinking of is "The game in play"
The trum "Gameplay" is misused thanks to EA and the morons that think that gameplay is down to the way the game looks.
I'm not judging the quality of the gameplay by the way it looks. I'm just assuming that it will be interesting judging by the screenshots that show the character and the surrounding environment, and im forumlating different theories of what will go on in the game in my head, thus making the gameplay seem interesting.

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